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Giancarlo Coppola - Art Director

To expressin a few worlds for one like me dipped into the music, into their"beats" from their-gour/fourth-ahead,it means he made it a true reason for living! That's a funny thing! Those who play this occupation don't like talkin' about himself,but they'd better passing around the turntables and mixing or thinkin' up something to shake and serve...bringin'hand to the samplers and going nimbly in "play".I don't get any business card..but usually in my pocket i find any kind of minidisc or cd on which i reproduced a fragment of my last dance night or the last tune i selected in my radio station "disco",one great hall dance along the coasts faced on the tirrhenian and adriatic sea...has been my first home!!an excitement of feeling has gone arm in arm with"Broadcasting" on the waves of a radio station another great love of mine.Somebody is living by the oxygen i've been breathing music i thing to get it in my dna just as you do. And just in the same way i've got a right idea about the music distinction "Good or bad one". As to the rest you can find me passing out Discs, between discos and Radio Stations...after having performed, so long, my voice and my image to one of the first italian radio stations, Radio Taranto Stereo, (once Radio Marvin),Since 1974 So many people ask me advice or consulting about new intruments' Productions or original mix witch could simplify our job. During these long Years i've been attending any kind of advanced course in the field of new techniques. I myself carries on teaching to many people, young and old,who would undertake this job. First i try to damp them, then inevitably my contagion! It won't come easy"to stan"and keep on doin' acrobatics, "What can i do?": After all i get charmed and seduces, one more, by the music.